Rooster with Hens and Chicks – Meissen Porcelain

Spring is a wonderful time to be outside, going about our business of greeting the morning sun with a crow or two, breathing fresh air, and pecking about for morsels. We began our annual spring rituals in Germany, c1850. These shared family outings are so special and, I’m happy to say we never tire of our time together.

This year we have an extra bit of excitement in our lives. We are featured in a temporary exhibit in the Side Gallery of The Maridon Museum. This exhibit features 11 other members of the Chinese Zodiac, so we are among friends. How nice for all of us! The Rooster is the 10th sign in a 12-year cycle of the Chinese calendar. We roosters are devoted friends, keep our promises, and are true to our word. Sometimes we brag about our accomplishments, but perhaps it’s because we have “something to crow about.” This is actually the Year of The Rat. You will also find that rat and all the other animal Zodiac signs in this exhibit. Your sign coordinates with the year you were born. Do a little excursion to learn your sign and find where you are in this exhibit.

Like so many other places, we are temporarily closed to the public. We look forward to opening our doors soon and hope to see you here for a visit. Please put us on your list of “must visit” places.