Girl in a Storm – Meissen Porcelain

Cool spring and summer breezes are refreshing and delightful but these storms sometimes do take your breath away! I was created in Germany, c. 1880, by Philip Lange. As you can see by the smile on my face I still enjoy these outings after so many years.

Interestingly, it was in April of 1986 that I first made my home with Mary Hulton Phillips. Here it is, April of 2020, and I’m still with Mrs. Phillips in spirit. I am a resident in The Maridon Museum, Mrs. Phillips’ cultural gift to the community. The museum opened its doors in 2004, has welcomed visitors from around the world, and has been written about as a “cultural gem.”

I am pleased and proud to be a among others in the Art Nouvous Exhibit located in the museum’s Meissen Gallery. Please plan on a visit as soon as the storm passes. We will be happy to welcome you.