Young Man with a Kite – Art Nouveau Meissen Porcelain

I’ve been taking my trusty kite out to brave early morning showers, hoping to catch breezes that will lift my kite and my spirits with the promise of summer to come. We have traveled far and experienced many hilltops throughout Germany, where we were created by modeler Alfred Konig. We are from a very important time in the history of art — the Nouveau Period. What an exciting 15-year span (1890-1905) of time that was, with flowing lines capturing the imaginations and creativity of so many artists and craftsmen. Jewelry, graphic arts, furniture, architecture, glassware, etc., boasted the graceful style of Art Nouveau. Today, many objects are considered desired collectibles. Furniture and buildings have withstood the test of time and remain tributes to the grace, Beauty, and charm that captured the hearts of so many.

The Meissen manufactory in Germany offered many lovely works during that period. My kite and I are at home with several companions in the Art Nouveau Exhibit of The Maridon Museum Meissen Gallery. Every spring since c.1895 we have been able to search for the wind.  This year we had to celebrate our spring a little later due to the temporary closure of the museum. We are enjoying that breath of spring air and welcoming our visitors again. We hope to see you here.