Owl on a Tree – Meissen Porcelain Figurine

I have been resting on this beautifully sculpted limb since 1935, and I must say it is a lovely and sturdy branch that I’ve called home for these many years.

Max Esser (1885-1945) was my creator. He attended the Museum of Applied Arts in Berlin and the Berlin Art Academy. Esser worked at the

Meissen Porcelain Manufactory (1920-1931), and he was known for his animal sculptures. In 1937, at the World Exhibition in Paris, he was awarded a Grand Prix for my friend the otter.

I was discovered in 2007 by Mary Hulton Phillips, founder of The Maridon Museum, where I have made a nest among my companions in the Animals Exhibit of the Meissen Gallery… a lovely place to perch. Please visit us.