Bearded Recluse – Ivory Figurine

I started my journey in China and am now an old man with the presence of serenity that I have mastered over these many years. I have been standing in this meditative state since the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644), and some who have shared my space referred to me as an “old soul.”

Perhaps the fact that I was created from Indian elephant ivory gives me the essence to merit such reverence. Mary Hulton Phillips, founder of The Maridon Museum, was drawn to me in 1983 and shared her home until the opening of the museum in 2004. I was then given permanent residence in the Transition Exhibit of the Rear Gallery in the museum. I have two unique characteristics that separate me from the other ivory figurines on exhibit. Please look carefully at my feet. They are not my original and were added later. Also, my head is adorned with a black wooden cap. I’ll be easy to spot when you visit.