Egret – (Meiji Period – Late 1800’s)

I am one of the most talked about treasures in the collections at The Maridon Museum. You may have seen me on the front cover of our newsletter or in one of our many creative magazine ads. Those are such fun! I met our museum’s founder, Mary Hulton Phillips, in 1989. We were both attending the Sewickley Antiques show, and it was love at first sight. We were never apart after that.

The seal I bear was translated by a former curator of Japanese art from the New York Metropolitan Museum of Art. It is the signature of Mitsu Aki, a master carver of the Meiji Period.  I have been graced with a serenity that reflects a quiet soul from within. Indeed, a master carver gave loving hands to my creation. My legs of bronze appear delicate but have been masterfully crafted to provide me with perfect balance. Reflective eyes of opal were the finishing gift of my creator.

Please visit me in the Side Gallery. I will be looking for you.