Goddess of Mercy

I have the honor of being one of The Maridon Museum’s few textile-based works on exhibit. See my beautiful satin-stitched embroidery on a striking red background. My exquisite threadwork depicts Guanyin, Goddess of Mercy, holding a fly whisk, and Shoulao, God of Longevity, with a shou, the peach of immortality. A Manchurian crane, a symbol of longevity, appears from behind Guanyin, and a deer, symbolizing longevity and prosperity, curls around Shoulao. Bats symbolizing happiness and good fortune float overhead.

I originated in China in the 20th Century. In 1973, I made my home with Mary Phillips, founder of The Maridon Museum, where I had a prominent place until 2004, when I moved into her newly founded museum.  You can now find me in the Side Gallery of the museum.  At 5’ 4” high and 26” wide, I make a striking presence.  Please visit.