Rose Quartz Urn

I am a magnificent rose quartz urn with a substantial height of 37.5” and a width of 19.5”. I presided over a large desk in the study of our museum’s founder, Mary Hulton Phillips, from 1987 until 2004, when she opened The Maridon.

A finial in the shape of a foo dog adorns my cover. Note that my protective paw is on a ball, which represents the world or Earth. My intricately carved handles are also topped with the heads of foo dogs. By comparison, a nurturing female foo dog’s paw rests on a cub.

I am a baluster urn in the “hu” form with gently curving lines resting on a contemporary fitted wood base. I originated in China in the 29th Century, yet I possess Old World charm. Please visit me in the Side Gallery the next time you visit.