The Boule Player

German Meissen Porcelain, c. 1898-1924

I have been referred to as Walter Schott’s most popular small German sculpture. Schott, who free-lanced in Berlin and was known for his Neo-Baroque style sculptures, was also an art professor. Over the years, I have been known by other names, such as “Bowling Lady,” “Kugelspielerin,” “Ball Player,” etc. As you can see, I am just a young girl playing ball.

My elegant, graceful, and fluid lines identify me as belonging to the Art Nouveau style that was popular from 1890 to 1910. I was born into that exciting time of post- World War I known as the “Roaring Twenties.” That was a time of self-indulgence, fun, travel, and frivolity. It was a time of social revolution. Imagine me as one of those having fun at the elaborate lawn parties of so long ago.

Throughout the decades I have survived so many social changes that I really find it quite pleasant now to spend my days here in the Meissen Gallery of The Maridon Museum. I share  surroundings and memories with other companions of that exciting Art Nouveau period in the special exhibit designed for us. We will all look forward to your visit.