Snuff Bottle

“Look. Nemo!” I’ve heard this comment as children scan the snuff bottle exhibit located in the Side Gallery of The Maridon Museum. I don’t really look like “Nemo,” but there is somewhat of a resemblance. We have been carved from Amber, and my mouth is carved of coral.

My little one and I started swimming with the museum’s Founder, Mary Hulton Phillips, in 2007. She discovered 33 snuff bottles in a special auction and took all of us home with her. It’s hard to believe that was 13 years ago. Now, for how we ended up in the Side Gallery of the museum…Our wonderful volunteer Collections Committee (Cyndy Sweeney, Anne Miller, and Carole Fruehstorfer), admired how special and unique each of us was in our own way while at the same time serving a similar purpose. They recommended and designed an exhibit just for snuff bottles — and the rest is history. Our Founder was so pleased that the decision was unanimous to keep us permanently on exhibit.

Please stop when you visit. See if you can find me swimming among my many wonderful companions.