PYSANKY – The Tradition of Ukrainian Easter Eggs

The Maridon Museum held its first exhibit and presentation of the art form creation of exquisite Ukrainian Easter Eggs in March 2023.

John Franchuk presented the Wax Resistant (Batik) Method of creating these little masterpieces. He became interested in making pysanky when he was in the seventh grade. His church had a social organization for teenagers and offered the art of making Pysanky as a project. John was eager to learn and started making two or three eggs a year while he was in high school and college. When he began teaching school, he made a few eggs for friends and family during the Lenten period. Since John’s retirement, he began to make these creations more frequently.

Our attended had the chance to meet this master and learn about this fascinating art form. Kits for creating your own little object of art were available for purchase. Also, Ukrainian Eggs were available for purchase.