We are a pair of green quartz oxen (sometimes we’ve been referred to as water buffalo), but we are members of the bovine family and happy to join in the celebration of our friend the rat, who is the star in this year’s celebration of the Chinese zodiac. We started our journey in China in the late 19th century with our two little friends along for the ride. In 1970, we made a home with Mary Hulton Phillips, founder of The Maridon Museum. Mrs. Phillips thought we were so special that she wanted us to have a permanent home in her new museum. We make rare appearances in special exhibits and are currently in the Zodiac Exhibit in the Side Gallery. It’s good to be out among so many of our other companions for this celebration.

Next year, we will be the zodiac stars. We have wonderful qualities, such as being trustworthy, loyal, giving, honest, neat, and hardworking. Alas, like everyone else, we have our little flaws, such as losing our tempers. But that is merely a little thing when compared to all our positive traits.

Please stop in to see us. We promise to be on our best behavior!

Originally posted May 7, 2020