Jade Mountain

I am a celadon nephrite jade mountain with a very rare original zitan (purple sandalwood) base inlaid with silver. The themes of my carvings are longevity, immortality, and the scholar’s pursuit. My basic theme is of shan shui (mountain-water or natural landscape). I have a pavilion, waves, a Deer of Immortality with fawn, shou (peaches of longevity) and a pine tree, representing veneration of old age and also one of the Three Friends (Pine, Bamboo, and Plum).

The wild orchid represents one of the Four Gentlemen and can live in difficult places. The Four Gentlemen are also called the Four Noble Ones or four plants: plum, the orchid, bamboo, and chrysanthemum. As you can see, I am beautifully laden with symbolism. I am a contemplative piece and would be right at home on the scholar’s table, where I would be instrumental in inspiring the writings and art of the scholar.

I originated in China during the Qianlong Period (1736-1796). While I am a long way from home, I am right at home in the Time-Line Exhibit of the Rear Gallery of The Maridon Museum.

This gallery also houses a Scholar’s Table. Please visit.