Gardener and His Wife – Meissen Porcelain

Spring is here, and so are we! With the promises of spring, it is so uplifting to see the blossoming trees, feel the warmth of the sun, breathe the crisp air cleaned by spring showers, and hear birds singing their enchanting songs. No wonder this is our favorite time of year!

We have been gardening since 1865, and we haven’t lost the wonder of the miraculous blossoming of new life ushering in promises of hope for good things to come. This year is different for us because we are missing you, our wonderful visitors. We, like so many other places, are temporarily closed. We will reopen, and we will greet you once again with spring in our hearts.

We stand 19 inches high, and the lovely flowers in our baskets are overflowing. We became part of Mary Hulton Phillips’ family of Meissen figurines in 2003. She honored us with a special place in the Meissen Porcelain Gallery of The Maridon Museum. Please put us on your list to visit in the future.