Happy 20th Birthday to The Maridon Museum!

Mary Phillips, Maridon Museum FounderJoin us as we celebrate two decades of sharing Asia’s stunning art and culture! Immerse yourself in centuries of beauty with our Chinese and Japanese artwork collection, plus exquisite Meissen porcelain. ️

Mary Phillips, a resident of Butler, PA, quietly amassed a stunning collection of jade, porcelain, and woodcarvings. Though she never ventured far from home, her passion for Asian art blossomed.

In 2004, Mary ensured her beloved collection would be shared with the world by establishing the Maridon Museum (named after her and her husband, Don). Designed by a renowned NYC expert, the museum offers a glimpse into Asian history and culture, all in an unexpected setting.

Experience the beauty and wonder of Asian art right here in Butler! We’re open Wednesday through Saturday, 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.