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We will be closed for the holidays on the following dates:
Thursday, November 22nd & Friday, November 23rd
Wednesday, December 26th
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The Maridon opened on May 8th, 2004. It is the only museum in the Western Pennsylvania region with a specific focus on Asian Art and Culture coupled with German Meissen porcelain. The museum — both the objects and the buildings that house them — is the gift of Mary Hulton Phillips. Patricia Lowry, writing in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, pronounced the Maridon a "gleaming little gem of a museum."

  The seal in the museum's logo describes the permanent collection.
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Maridon Featured in Huffington Post

The Maridon was recently featured in Huffington Post’s article “55 Best Lesser Known Art Museums, Artist Studios, and Art Centers in Northeast USA.” Come visit us to find out just why Malerie Yolen-Cohen, Huffington Post Contributor, wrote “It’s a knockout museum worth a drive from anywhere. The Asian art collection at The Maridon is fascinating on many levels – the most elemental being its stunning beauty and fine craftsmanship.”

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The Maridon Museum is offering every third Thursday at 6 p.m. a short Dharma based on the teachings of Buddha and a contemplative period of meditation. These lessons are open to anyone. The Crystal Lotus meditation group will host and support beginning practitioners of meditation, which has proven to be beneficial for those suffering stress, anger, and general emotional strife. Donations welcome.  All proceeds benefit The Maridon.

On October 13 at 10 a.m. there will be a morning session and lunch to study and practice yoga, a deep muscle practice that aids in self-knowledge. There is a fee of $30/person, $25 Members. 

On November 17 at 1 p.m. The Maridon is hosting a seminar for those interested in studying Buddhist philosophy with an emphasis on Zen. The speaker will be Dr. Cynthia Marshall, an ordained Buddhist chaplain. This seminar, conducted in a beautiful museum setting, is intended for people of all religious backgrounds who are curious about Eastern thought. There is a fee of $15/person, $10 Members.

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Please join us for our book club! Click here for the flyer.

Celebrate the Maridon

Please join us for our 2018 Fall Film Series! Click here for the flyer.


My dog and I are Meissen Porcelain figures from the mid-19th Century Germany. How wonderful it is to play toss the hoop and be in a special exhibit at the same time. See how my wonderful little best friend is dressed for the occasion! We feel so very special.

The Maridon Museum founder, Mary Hulton Phillips, discovered us in 1984. This was long before she thought about building a museum. For many years we were at home with hundreds of other Meissen friends in Mrs. Phillips’ display cases. Looking at us was like gazing out on a sea of striking colors and poses reflecting all walks of life. There were soldiers and street sellers, workers of trades, queens and kings, mythical creatures, and many more. It was all so magical.

Today we are among several of our companions in the “Man’s Best Friend” exhibit in honor of the Year of The Dog. We are located in the Side Gallery of the Museum.

Please visit us.


On July 13th The Maridon Museum received the “Community
Champion Award” from the Butler County Chamber of Commerce.

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Chamber Award


Maridon Museum Featured in Uncovering PA Blog

Exploring Asian Art and Culture at the Maridon Museum

For 2.5 years before moving to Pennsylvania, I lived, worked, and traveled throughout Asia. It was these travels that got me into travel writing with my other site,, and I still really enjoy learning about Asian culture. So, when I found out that Butler, Pennsylvania had a museum filled with amazing Asian art, I knew I had to visit.

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20 Best Small Towns in America:
Butler Named No. 7

The Smithsonian Magazine recently rated Butler, Pennsylvania number 7 of the 20 Best Small Towns in America. The Maridon and our founder Mary Hulton Phillips are specifically mentioned.

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