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The Maridon opened on May 8th, 2004. It is the only museum in the Western Pennsylvania region with a specific focus on Asian Art and Culture coupled with German Meissen porcelain. The museum — both the objects and the buildings that house them — is the gift of Mary Hulton Phillips. Patricia Lowry, writing in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, pronounced the Maridon a "gleaming little gem of a museum."

  The seal in the museum's logo describes the permanent collection.
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Maridon Featured in Huffington Post

Last month, The Maridon was featured in Huffington Post’s article “55 Best Lesser Known Art Museums, Artist Studios, and Art Centers in Northeast USA.” Come visit us to find out just why Malerie Yolen-Cohen, Huffington Post Contributor, wrote “It’s a knockout museum worth a drive from anywhere. The Asian art collection at The Maridon is fascinating on many levels – the most elemental being its stunning beauty and fine craftsmanship.”

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Kwun Kwong Kai, Director of the China Overseas Exchange Association and Chairman of the Pittsburgh Academy of Chinese Culture & Language, and his daughter, Sherry Kai, Owner/Operator of Bettis Floral Event Design in Pittsburgh, recently delivered items for a temporary exhibition at The Maridon to help us celebrate Chinese New Year, which kicks off Feb. 16th with a midnight feast to mark the Year of the Golden Dog.

We are all thrilled and honored to have these special items and the support of Kwun Kwong Kai and Sherry Kai. Please stop in next week to see them on display.


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Celebrate the Maridon


What, might you inquire, is a table screen doing in a museum?

These slices of marble, which have pleasing landscape markings of fantastic animal markings, are highly treasured. A special frame/base was made for me of purple sandalwood (zitan). As I look around I believe that my base is a work of art, too. All the furniture in the Imperial Apartments of the Forbidden City were made of zitan (a treasured wood in China). I am 23-3/4” high and 15-3/4” wide and do make an impressive presence displayed in the Rear Gallery of The Maridon Museum. Now to answer the question: What am I doing here?

Scholars designed scrolls and wrote calligraphy using very expensive liquefied ink. Screens were used on the scholar’s desk to ward off drafts that would evaporate the ink. Also, screens were used by scholars for privacy to guard others from seeing the hand positions they employed while creating their excellent calligraphy.

Table screens go back to the Zhou dynasty (1122-251 B.C.) before chairs were adopted in China. The most important person would have a large wall or screen behind him as he sat facing the south. All evil was thought to come from the north, so one must protect the important personage with a screen. Later screens were made in all sizes for indoor and outdoor purposes. I originated in northern China in the 18th Century, and I am pleased to call The Maridon Museum my home. Please visit me and my companions at the scholar’s desk.


On July 13th The Maridon Museum received the “Community
Champion Award” from the Butler County Chamber of Commerce.

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Chamber Award


Maridon Museum Featured in Uncovering PA Blog

Exploring Asian Art and Culture at the Maridon Museum

For 2.5 years before moving to Pennsylvania, I lived, worked, and traveled throughout Asia. It was these travels that got me into travel writing with my other site,, and I still really enjoy learning about Asian culture. So, when I found out that Butler, Pennsylvania had a museum filled with amazing Asian art, I knew I had to visit.

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20 Best Small Towns in America:
Butler Named No. 7

The Smithsonian Magazine recently rated Butler, Pennsylvania number 7 of the 20 Best Small Towns in America. The Maridon and our founder Mary Hulton Phillips are specifically mentioned.

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