Until We Meet Again

Vera H. Linthurst

Vera burst onto our scene like a brilliant shooting star dazzling all of us with her enthusiasm and interest in the art and history of The Maridon Museum.

She read and studied and in a very short time became one of our treasured docents.  Vera shared her wealth of knowledge with our visitors providing them with interesting tours and new memories as keepsakes they will have forever.

Being a guide for the museum wasn’t Vera’s only gift. She became like one of the family surprising us with treats of homemade incredible baked goods prepared with love and delivered with her all-embracing smile. Other times she would provide impromptu luncheons just, “testing out a new recipe”.   And then there were times you might catch her sitting in the Meissen Gallery for a time of quiet reflection while absorbing the beauty.

Vera’s interest expanded to our programs and special events.  She introduced her daughter Dolores and son William to The Maridon and they too became part of our family often accompanying Vera to our activities.

We will always miss Vera’s friendship and smiling face but can sense a warm glow as we imagine her light still blazing out there just beyond….